What My Customers Say


Your bamboo sax arrived a few days ago and it's wonderful!

I've played a wide variety of Native American flutes as well as soprano up through baritone saxes and what you've done in constructing a bamboo sax is nothing short of incredible. Probably the most amazing thing that is different with your sax, compared to other bamboo sax products I've explored, is the mouthpiece design being built right in rather than attaching a sax mouthpiece. It makes all the difference in the world, for me, and certainly avoids the never ending search for the perfect mouthpiece so many of us sax players have undertaken.
J. Reed
Dear Janos,

I got the great instrument today and it is fantastic. The holes I need to get used to. It is a bit different to the Chinese bamboo sax, but it has a fantastic tone. My wife likes the tone very much and I just had one hour today to find out its sound. It blows very smooth and the tone is fantastic. Hope I will improve soon with it and be able to play some fun melodies.

All the best and you made me happy with that new instrument you sent me.
Saxophone in man's hand
P. Parzer
Bamboo Sax Reeds