Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Make Me a Bamboo Sax in a Different Key?

Sure, I can make it in any key, just send me an email with your request. Usually, I don’t make any instruments in lower keys than F3 because of its size. (The holes will be too far from each other.) I can make saxes in higher keys, but I’ve found that it has the best sound in G3 (beautiful lower sounds and brilliant higher sounds).

What Is the Difference Between Other Similar Instruments on the Market?

The difference is found in its material and its mouthpiece. It doesn’t need a real sax mouthpiece to generate sound. And it is much easier to blow (I mean you don’t need that much power to blow it) like I’ve experienced with other similar instruments.

That also means that it is not as loud. It still has a good, strong sound, but you can play it in a flat without disturbing your neighbors (at least in the daytime).

Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes, I do. I live in Hungary (Europe), but I ship worldwide with low prices and relatively fast delivery.
See details on my products page: Shipping information

How to Make My Purchase?

You’ll have to send me an email to make your order. This can be done automatically by clicking Buy it now! This will start your mailing software, and the message’s subject will be already filled out with the chosen instrument’s ID. You only need to fill out your name and address in the message body.

Please read the full details and instructions on my products page: How to place your order

I Am an Absolute Beginner, Is the Bamboo Sax Right for Me?

Bamboo Saxophones are very good “starting” instruments. They have a simple conception and design yet have a beautiful and rich sound. They are really fun to play, however in the beginning you should allow a few weeks for the necessary muscles around your mouth to get strong. The quality of the sound will improve radically when you start to really “know” your instrument.

Don’t forget, each instrument is unique because each one is made from a different piece of bamboo. You’ll be the one who knows your instrument the best and who plays it best. 😉