Bamboo Saxes Just Got More Social

I think the most important thing for any product or service is the people themselves: the satisfaction of the customers and the value we can provide for them. The ever-growing popularity of social media provides an excellent opportunity to reach more people with my instruments, hopefully bringing more and more joy to them. These sites also make it easy to build communities around a certain topic, interest or product. This is exactly what I hope for: to start a great Bamboo Sax community.

That’s why I decided to create profiles on Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud in addition to my existing Facebook page and YouTube channel.

In the following, I’ll give you a brief description of these pages.


Facebook was the very first social networking site where I was present, so I have the most followers here at the time of writing this blog post. I’m sharing interesting facts and pictures here that sometimes give a glimpse behind the scenes. I also post a short video of each new instrument, where you can see how it looks and also hear its sound. Facebook is also a great place to get notified about future promotions and coupon codes.

If you don’t want to miss any of these, please like my Facebook page:


The next social media site in the line was YouTube. This is where I uploaded my Bamboo Saxes introduction videos and other experiments. I’m planning to upload my favorite songs in the future and you can be prepared for other surprises, too.

If it sounds exciting, please subscribe to my channel:

Bamboo Saxes Webshop on YouTube

Now, let’s take a look at the three new social media sites I set up for Bamboo Saxophones.


Twitter continues to be extremely popular, so I thought it was important to represent myself here as well. The content will be very similar to what you’ll find on Facebook, so you’re free to choose where you want to read the news of Bamboo Saxes.

Follow me on Twitter for the latest news:


Over the years, Instagram has developed a great community where creators are active, eager to communicate and support each other. This is quite unique, I haven’t really seen this on other social media networks. I’ll also be posting the mini videos of each of my new instruments on Instagram, along with some exclusive images to make my profile a bit more personal.

If you’re curious about the pictures and videos of my new instruments, follow me on Instagram:


The last social media site is SoundCloud. I record sound samples of every instrument, so my customers always know exactly what they get. It seemed like an obvious choice to upload these sound samples to one of the world’s best-known musical libraries: SoundCloud.

If you’d like to be notified of the latest sound samples and other bamboo saxophone songs, please follow me on SoundCloud:

I hope these short descriptions help you to get a clear picture of my social media pages, so you can follow me where you prefer. This way you’ll be able to listen to the sound samples and watch the videos of my latest instruments as soon as I post them.

As always, I am open to your suggestions. If you have any requests or ideas for the content of my social pages, let me know in the comments below!

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