Aquarela do Brasil on Bamboo Saxophone

The first song I’m playing for you on my new YouTube channel is Aquarela do Brasil. Why did I choose this particular song? It was one of the very first songs I learned to play on my instrument when I started making them. I didn’t know this song before, but somehow I just found it among the bamboo instrumental videos, and the melody immediately got my attention.

“Aquarela do Brasil” (Watercolor of Brazil), written by Ary Barroso (1903–1964) and known in the English-speaking world simply as “Brazil”, is one of the most famous Brazilian songs.

Ary Barroso wrote it in early 1939, when he was prevented from leaving his home one pluvious night due to a heavy storm. Its title, a reference to watercolor painting, is a clear reference to the rain. He also wrote “Três lágrimas” (Three Teardrops) on that same night, before the rain ended.

Let’s listen to this great song! 🙂

If you liked it, I look forward to your ideas on what additional songs to upload to my channel. What are you interested in? Please write in the comments below!

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