New YouTube Channel for Bamboo Saxes

As part of a complete overhaul of my website, I created a new YouTube channel for my instruments. The channel is called the Bamboo Saxes Webshop.

I will try to upload as many videos as possible. In fact, I had an idea of how great it would be if my customers sent me some videos showing how they can play on their favorite bamboo sax. So please, if you have already bought an instrument from me and would like to show your talent, contact me and send me a video of you playing on your bamboo saxophone! It would be a great help and I think a lot of my future customers would find it valuable and interesting.

If you’re interested in my channel, check out my latest videos, and if you like it, please subscribe:

Bamboo Saxes Webshop on YouTube

You can watch the introduction video of the channel here:

I’d also like to read your ideas on what materials and songs should I upload to my channel. What are you interested in? Please write in the comments below!

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