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Here you can find the list of my latest instruments. Each Bamboo Saxophone has a beautiful shellac finish on the inside and linseed oil finish on the outside with a simple, natural look. Every piece comes with Rico Royal 2.0 Tenor Sax Reed and a plastic reed holder box. You will find further details at the following links. Please read through them carefully before making your first purchase. (Prices shown in USD.)

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     Update: Currently, I don't have enough time for my instruments, so you won't find new instruments often. However if you want to buy a bamboo sax in the future, write me and I'll send you a notification when a new instrument is available.

Photo #Code Key Hole size Length Sound sample Price For sale Notes
#11-18 #11-18 G3

6-7 mm
0.24-0.28 in

426 mm
16.8 in

Hear it! Sound sample $95.00 Sold.Beautiful
bit sharp
#11-17 #11-17 G3

9-11 mm
0.35-0.43 in

436 mm
17.2 in

Hear it! Sound sample $100.00 Sold.Beautiful,
rich sound
#11-16 #11-16 G3

7-10 mm
0.28-0.39 in

436 mm
17.2 in

Hear it! Sound sample $90.00 Sold.
#11-15 #11-15 A3

7-8 mm
0.28-0.31 in

384 mm
15.1 in

Hear it! Sound sample $80.00 Sold.
#11-14 #11-14 G3

7-10 mm
0.28-0.39 in

432 mm
17.0 in

Hear it! Sound sample $80.00 Sold.Big holes
#11-13 #11-13 G3

5-6 mm
0.20-0.24 in

434 mm
17.1 in

Hear it! Sound sample $90.00 Sold.Thin body,
soft sound
#11-12 #11-12 F3

6-8 mm
0.24-0.31 in

465 mm
18.3 in

Hear it! Sound sample $70.00 Sold.Thick walls,
#11-11 #11-11 G3

5-7 mm
0.20-0.28 in

438 mm
17.2 in

Hear it! Sound sample $55.00 Sold.Bit sharp,
#11-10 #11-10 D4

5-7 mm
0.20-0.28 in

320 mm
12.6 in

Hear it! Sound sample $75.00 Sold.For
#11-09 #11-09 G3

6-8 mm
0.24-0.31 in

430 mm
16.9 in

Hear it! Sound sample $80.00 Sold.

 If you have any questions or other requests, feel free to contact me at bamboosaxes@gmail.com.



How to place your order

1. First of all, choose one or more instruments to buy, please consider the size of the instrument (length and hole sizes).

2. Click on "Buy it now!" This will start your mailing software. The subject will be automatically filled out with the #Code of the chosen instrument. When buying more instruments, please complete the subject with the other instrument IDs. (If you don't have any email client installed, send me an email to bamboosaxes@gmail.com in your preferred way with the chosen instrument's ID.)

3. Write your name, address and the preferred shipping method (registered or regular) in the body, and send me the email.

4. You will get a Money Request-email from me via PayPal, in which you'll find the total price (the total instrument price + shipping fee). Please, follow the instructions and make your payment via PayPal.
You will have to make a PayPal account if you don't have already one. (This is a really safe and fast way for payments.)

5. After receiving the confirmation of your payment, I'll send your order by post as soon as possible.


Shipping information

Outside Europe (worldwide):

International Priority Mail:   Shipping Cost: $6.00  -   Delivery Time: 6 - 8 days
International Priority Mail + Registered service:  Shipping Cost: $10.00 -  Delivery Time: 6 - 8 days


International Priority Mail:   Shipping Cost: $5.00  -   Delivery Time: 4 days
International Priority Mail + Registered service:  Shipping Cost: $9.00  -   Delivery Time: 4 days

Delivery times are counted in working days. These are estimated times only and not guaranteed.

Registered mail service offers extra protection for your order. The postal service can provide proof that the package has been sent, keep a record of it and track it if it gets lost. I recommend the registered service for better protection.

Regular mail service is cheaper, but I won't be able to give you proof that I sent the package to you and the postal service won't be able to find it if it gets lost.

If you do not specify the shipping method in your order I will use registered service for safer delivery.

I am not responsible for lost packages in any way and cannot give you a refund if a delivery fails.

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