Welcome to Bamboo Saxes!

I've made this website to introduce you to my new and unique instruments called "Bamboo Saxophones."
These instruments fall somewhere between a Saxophone and a Clarinet. They have a tenor saxophone reed in their mouthpiece which defines the sound, but they look like a clarinet. They aren't intended in anyway to be a replacement of a real sax. They are completely different instruments with their simplicity, natural look and their warm and rich sound.

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Why should I have a Bamboo Sax?

  • It's a really natural feeling to play them: the reed and the instrument body are made of very similar materials, resulting in a harmonic look and a beautiful sound.
  • It has a distinctive and dynamic sound not unlike a real brass instrument.
  • It is much cheaper than a real saxophone. You can try it and learn how to play a reed instrument before proceeding to a real clarinet or saxophone.
  • Because of its compact size it is ideal for travelers. You can take it anywhere you go. You can play it on beaches or anywhere in nature and amaze your friends with your Bamboo Sax playing.
  • They are simply FUN. :)
Bamboo Sax

They are built to last

Each Bamboo Saxophone has a beautiful shellac finish on the inside and linseed oil finish on the outside. This gives the instrument a simple and natural look with great durability, while also supporting the brilliance of the sound. However, you will have to keep some things in mind and take care of your instrument. You'll find everything in detail along with other useful information at the How-to section.

Personal notes

I have to admit that I'm not a professional instrument maker, yet. My adventure began when I started making Bamboo Saxophones for myself. They turned out to be really good, and I decided to share my joy and the opportunity of playing these instruments with others. You'll find a recorded sound of each Bamboo Sax at the shop to know exactly what you are getting. Each piece is made with passion and care. Feel free to contact me at any time with your questions!